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Asian Nursing Research

Cover Image - Asian Nursing Research, Volume 17, Issue 2

Asian Nursing Research is the official peer-reviewed research journal of the Korean Society of Nursing Science, and is devoted to publication of a wide range of research that will contribute to the body of nursing science and inform the practice of nursing, nursing education, administration, and history, on health issues relevant to nursing, and on the testing of research findings in practice.


Korean Society of Nursing Science

Korean Society of Nursing Science

Korean Society of Nursing Science (KSNS), founded in April, 1970, is now a leading academic society with over 5,400 members.

The aims KSNS pursue are to advance the nursing science through research and scholarship, to develop new nursing technology, to contribute to the formulation of national health policies, and to promote public health through active collaboration with other societies.

The society has eight member societies under its umbrella and makes strenuous efforts to develop nursing in Korea by actively participating in nursing research and promoting exchanges with other societies.



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